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2017 Trends of Web Design in Belfast

2017 Trends of Web Design in Belfast

It is not a secret that if you are planning to promote your business online, one of the most significant factors you need to consider is your website, in particular, the web design of your website. While being focused on the creation of professional web design in Belfast for a long period time, and working with a various range of companies, big and small, here we have gathered the biggest trends of web design in Belfast.

Good Typography

Typography plays a vital role in a website’s attractiveness. Whenever any text is landed on the page, it should be readable and pleasant for the eyes.  Earlier, many designers underestimated the role of typography and paid more attention to graphic elements, such as photos and illustrations. However, nowadays, it is a proven fact that good typography helps to reach a substantial improvement of UI and UX. The aim of designers is to organize letters and words in such a way as to deliver the message, which will prompt the reaction, “thus we can say that it is more a visual effect than just text”.

Clean Layouts

Web-design represents a constantly evolving field. Every day, we can see new trends emerging, which are conditioned by numerous factors. Presently, the number of mobile searches is overwhelmingly growing, and of course, this factor has influenced the web-design in certain ways. Particularly today, we are able to notice that designers and developers strive to create pages for better performance in mobile versions.  That is, they give preference to clean and simple websites, which are not overloaded with heavy pictures, as in mobile versions, such as pages taking a very long time to load. It was even statistically shown that over 25% of users are not ready to wait a long time for a page to load. They just quit the page before it actually opens. This is the reason why clean, simple and “laconic” websites are gaining popularity today.

Subtly Animated Logos

In the previous point, we have come to the conclusion that a clean and simple layout of the website dominates now. This does not mean the absence of any animation. However, today’s trends made it evolve into a new concept. Here comes the time for useful, subtle animation. Thus, instead of distracting and flashy animations, in today’s website design, you will see such elements as animated logos and scroll-triggered animations.

Long-scrolling websites

Another trend today in web design is long-scrolling websites. When it comes to long-scrolling websites, of course, all of us start thinking about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This long-scrolling interface allows users to fully plunge into them exploring their content for hours. In this respect, today, more websites refrain from a standard menu in favor of “fashionable” long-scrolling websites.

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