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The Flex Studio  >  Mobile Apps   >  5 Mobile Apps That We Love

5 Mobile Apps That We Love

Apps, short for applications, are everywhere nowadays. With the massive growth in smartphone use supplying us with more technology at our fingertips than ever before we’ve seen the creation hundreds of thousands of mobile apps.


From Angry Birds to Instagram and Uber to Google Search, it can be hard to identify which apps are actually fun, relevant or useful.


It’s a pretty crowded marketplace out there so we thought we’d highlight 5 apps that we love right now here at The Flex Studio.


One: Slack


Whether you work remotely or in an office Slack is a brilliant addition to any productive team out there.


Users can create separate channels for specific purposes (e.g. Marketing team, Support team), direct message each other and upload and share files when needed. The app also syncs with your smartphone meaning you can stay involved even when you’re on the go. Brilliant!


Two: Snapchat


We didn’t want to focus too heavily on social media but we’d be lying if we didn’t include Snapchat in this list.


It’s not new, Snapchat was launched in 2011, but it’s getting bigger and better with each new update and with more than 300 million users worldwide it’s becoming pretty hard to ignore.


Snapchat allows instant picture, video and text messaging between users that have added each other. It’s a closed network, unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and has some really creative and fun options available for users.


Three: Game of Thrones NI


If you’re living in Northern Ireland and haven’t heard of TV hit Game of Thrones you need to do two things. First binge watch every episode and second, download Tourism NI’s Game of Thrones app and explore the wonderful range of filming locations here in our own country.


Tourism NI and NI Screen have done a brilliant job in creating an app that immerses the user in the world of Westeros whilst also directing them around Northern Ireland. Download and explore!


Four: IFTTT (If This Then That)


If This Then That allows you to connect your apps/services, which are connected to the Internet, and automate various actions to free you up to do whatever it is you do. Simple!


“Recipes”, as they’re known in the app, let you do this quickly and easily. One small example would be connecting your Facebook and Dropbox accounts to ensure that every photo you’re tagged in is saved to your Dropbox folder instantly.


There are hundreds of pre-made Recipes available so get IFTTT downloaded and start experimenting.


Five: fonaCAB


We mentioned Uber at the beginning of this blog and every industry needs a market leader but it’s great to see Belfast based fonaCAB keep their own service current and relevant.


The fonaCAB app allows users to book a taxi, pre-pay if they want, and track everything on a GPS connected map. The app will also save frequently used locations meaning your next taxi is usually only a click or two away!


Remember, fonaCAB is a Belfast only service.



Hopefully this little list helps you clear up your smartphone and realise just how cool some of the apps out there really are. Remember, there’s more to life than just Facebook!


If your business is considering creating your own app get in touch. We love app development and enjoy nothing more than an exciting new project!

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