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The Flex Studio  >  Design   >  5 Great Infographics… and How to Use Them For Business!
5 Great Infographics... and How to Use Them For Business

5 Great Infographics… and How to Use Them For Business!

Infographics can be a wonderful addition to any business’ online presence. When done correctly they can convey important or complex messages in a simple, eye-catching and engaging way.


If you’ve been considering designing your own infographic but you’re not sure where to start we decided to revisit some of our favourites over the past few years. Hopefully they’ll inspire you and add to your social media marketing and content strategy plans.


One: The Life of an Average Designer

 A funny infographic about graphic design

Even if you’re not remotely interested in the world of graphic design this infographic will capture your attention. It’s dense with information but designed to convey everything in a simple, humorous way.


When designing your own think about the tone you want to set; is it formal, casual or somewhere in between?


Two: What Happens When You Drink Coke-a-Cola by The Renegade Pharmacist

Informative infographic about soft drinks.

The Renegade Pharmacist team has smashed it with this infographic by creating something that’s interesting enough to keep our attention while delivering some hard-hitting facts about a particular soft drink.


Think about your own messages. How can they be delivered in an eye-catching and thought-provoking way?


Three: The Ultimate Santa Venn Diagram by Wildyles (Stephen Wildish)

Funny venn diagram infographic example

We love this infographic venn diagram because it draws on popular culture to create something we can all instantly understand.


Can your business tie into something current, relevant or well recognised?


Four: The Pulp Fiction Infographic by Noah Smith

Brilliant infographic about Pulp Fiction

If you’re a fan of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction you’ll know just how complex and confusing the plot can be on first watch. That’s Noah Smith’s timeline infographic works so well. Smith breaks down the complexity and lays it out in a simple, appealing way. It should be noted that the image above is just a small section, it’s huge!


If your business tackles complex issues think about how they can be broken down and displayed graphically to an outsider.


Five: World Cup 2014 Race to Recovery

Informative sports infographic

Injuries to football players interest few outside of coaches, the players themselves and fanatics but that’s why this infographic is so interesting. The use of cartoon-esque graphics draws the viewer in to the more complex details of each individual’s injury.


Consider how your business can blend opposites to good effect.

Not sure how to use infographics or content marketing for your business? Ask us anything!

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