W5, Northern Ireland’s Science and Discovery Centre, has chosen our VirtualViewAR portal app as part of their new £1m fully immersive digital attraction that takes the visitor experience to a new level and boost tourism.

They have chosen a series of 360 videos and images to showcase Northern Ireland iconic locations, each of which are viewed by walking through a virtual reality door.
Unlike typical augmented reality apps which are developed using the Unity platform. the VirtualViewAR solution has been developed natively using Apples ARKit and Googles ARCore platforms. The benefit of this approach is that the app can benefit from further functional development over time, ensuring that it can adapt to requirements as they change and evolve.

Virtual View AR 1
Virtual View AR 2
Virtual View AR 3
Virtual View AR 4
Virtual View AR 5

Each portal is triggered by app users scanning special trigger images, each beautifully designed by the marketing team at W5. The moment an image is recognised the related environment can be seen inside the portal right in front of the users eyes.

Walking through into a portal is a real “wow” moment for many as they cannot quite figure out what is happening. Turning around and seeing where they have just come from adds to the bewilderment and creates a very immersive experience. Such has been the response to this solution that we have now created a portal solution with complete content management system. This enables any organisation wishing to utilise augmented reality portals the ability to create and launch their own app in short time and with complete control over its content.

As part of the project we were also asked to create a number of 360 degree CGI videos, providing special portal experiences for summer, halloween and Xmas. We cant let you view them in 360 video as they are only for activation at W5 in Belfast but you can get a feel for the work involved from the images below.

AR portals summer
AR portals halloween