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Author: geoff@theflexstudio.com

What Does Social Media Mean for Small Businesses in Northern Ireland?

What Does Social Media Mean for Small Businesses in Northern Ireland?

Social media is here to stay but what does that mean for small businesses in Northern Ireland?   Should you pay for Facebook advertising? What is Snapchat and does it serve any purpose for businesses? Should I be using Instagram?   With each new platform, update and evolution in the digital world it’s easy to become overwhelmed but we like to keep things simple and view it all in a positive light.   Opportunity in Social   Small...


Why White Space is Important For Your Website

White space, a website design term, is the bane of web designers and businesses alike. With trenches firmly dug web designers are, generally, pro white space whilst businesses don’t understand the need for it.   The use of white space boils down to the user/customer experience and we will shed some light on the issue within this blog.   What is White Space?   If you’re not working within the web design sector it’s perfectly...

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

What is Search Engine Optimisation? How does it work? These are questions we regularly hear and from the outside it’s understandable that SEO can appear to be a dark art. It’s a constantly evolving and changing discipline in which digital marketers have to react to every new Google or Bing* update. Despite the ever-changing nature of SEO, it can be viewed in more simplified manner and we hope to get rid of...

What is Bootstrap?

What is Bootstrap?

You might currently be exploring the idea of getting a new website built for your brand or business and have stumbled across the name “Bootstrap” or seen it referenced before. To avoid any confusion we thought we would explain what exactly Bootstrap is and why people might want a Bootstrap website. Bootstrapping Designs Bootstrap is a front-end framework that was initially developed by the team behind Twitter in New York. It combines HTML,...


How to Write a Great Blog Post For Your Business

We now live in a world with an abundance of information due to the exponential growth of the Internet. Do a quick Google search around any topic, industry sector or hobby and you’ll quickly see just how much content is already out there. Podcasts, infographics, videos and blogs are everywhere. This unimaginable amount of information is just one reason why you need to focus on creating the highest quality content possible and...

How to Write Great Product Descriptions for E-Commerce Websites

Let’s assume you have a great e-commerce website that ticks all the boxes technically. It’s mobile responsive, super quick and the cart and checkout system both work perfectly. What’s next? Products and product descriptions. Product descriptions can make or break your e-commerce site in a crowded marketplace. Without great descriptions enticing a potential customer to buy you’re giving them another reason to leave. This guide will give you some quick pointers to get...

How to Create an Effective Mailing List

An effective Email list can be an incredibly powerful tool for your business. Think about it, by signing up, customers, or potential customers, have said they’re interested in what you have to say and have given you permission to contact them directly, whenever you want! You might be wondering how to create an effective mailing list and it should become a key part of any digital marketing strategy moving forward. Here are a...

Why Do I Need a Responsive Website?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Whether you’re starting a business, working on a side project or browsing for a new website, you’ve probably stumbled across the term “Responsive Website”. This has likely lead to questions like “What is a responsive website and why do I need one?” Web design and digital marketing are two sectors filled with jargon but this is a relatively simple topic. Hopefully we can help answer some key questions and clarify the thinking for...

6 Essentials for an E-Commerce Website

E-commerce is becoming a bigger and more integral part of the economy with each passing year. In the UK in 2014 up to 79% of its population made an online purchase in the last twelve months alone! With this in mind it’s incredibly important to design an e-commerce website with customer experience as the chief focus. We’ve compiled a few essentials to help you get started. Mobile Responsive   Having a mobile...

Create your own content for video marketing

We are regularly talking to customers about  the benefits of using video content as part of their digital marketing strategies. We totally appreciate that this is much easier said than done or at least it was until we stumbled across this great video from the guys at Wistia. Small businesses more than ever need to compete on  a level playing field with the big boys and never has this been more important...