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Author: geoff@theflexstudio.com

What is a digital media strategy?

If you read one of my previous posts regarding the tremendous importance of video content, it will have become quite obvious that it's the most effective way of delivering a marketing message. So it stands to reason that we would use video to answer the question "what is a digital media strategy?". Here-in lies the problem. Digital marketing strategies in Northern Ireland have become ever more popular as gobby guys like myself...

The tremendous importance of video content

There is no doubt that the Internet is a completely different environment to the high Street and that the available methods marketing are different. However why is it that we have forgotten the fundamental elements of successful digital marketing? The key aims of our online efforts are to attract, engage and ultimately convert our target audience to customers. With the ever growing choices available and the tremendous volume ofinformation at their...

Author photos removed from Google search

There has been a surprise announcement by announcement by Google’s Webmaster trends analyst John Mueller that Google will no longer be using author photos and Google+ view counts from search results on both mobile and desktop. This seems rather strange decision with Google having been pushing authorship since its introduction in 2011. Those familiar with the recommendation will have spent time and effort utilising authorship, only to find that it is...

The new Facebook sidebar ads have launched

Facebook announced in April that they would be overhauling the sidebar ads in quite a major way.  On  Tuesday of this week the changes were released  and there is no doubt that it provides a much stronger advertising opportunity for all. No longer will there be a multitude of ads, each fighting for visibility. The ad size has increased by up to 3 times, reducing the number of ads per page...

eCommerce marketing emails that work

There is no doubt that one of the most powerful methods of creating a successful e-commerce website is to generate brand and customer loyalty. One of the key ways to achieve this is to communicate with your customers regularly using email marketing. Executed correctly it will reap generous benefits but approached without thought and due  care can lose customers faster than you can say "oops - there they go". Its really important to...

Go Groopie

Undoubtedly one of the most advanced web development projects we at The Flex Studio have undertaken to date. The requirement was to develop a Groupon group purchasing  competitor. With Groupon having such a hold over the marketplace this was indeed a tall order.  the result is a  very dynamic shopping portal  which uses numerous advanced visual techniques to ensure that navigation process is as intuitive and engaging as possible. The customer has...


A unique concept for a London company. The idea was to take the concept of gripping and social sharing  and adapt it for weight loss and control.  of the losing and maintaining your preferred weight is a difficult task often one that people find rather lonely. By giving people the power not only to publish their experiences that also share the experiences of others, the process of maintaining a healthy weight not...

SEO Northern Ireland – dont forget the rich snippets

If you didn't already know about three years ago Schema.org  was introduced  to help websites communicate with search engines such as Google and Bing. It was aimed to be the preferred markup  for  websites. Remarkably only 1% of websites so far implemented this markup  which is a real shame as studies have shown  that search engine ranking is improved by an average of four positions  with pages having Schema.org integration. Search engines...

Redbay Boats

Redbay Boats have been building high quality boats at their picturesque home in the North East Antrim coast since their foundation in 1977. From their specialised traditional wooden-clinker fishing boats, they have developed into one of the finest manufacturers of fibreglass boats in the U.K. Many of their team are RNLI Crew for the local Redbay Lifeboat station; this is reflected in the experience behind their boats. The wqebsite provides not...

The Flex CMS

The Flex CMS is a user friendly, feature rich and scalable Content Management System developed to enable organisations to create and publish relevant web content to multiple audiences across geographic, technological and language barriers. Flex CMS enables website owners to take ownership of and manage all content within their websites. Flex CMS is NOT a pre-built content management system. As such the websites it controls are not limited by its functional...