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2017 Trends of Web Design in Belfast

It is not a secret that if you are planning to promote your business online, one of the most significant factors you need to consider is your website, in particular, the web design of your website. While being focused on the creation of professional web design in Belfast for a long period time, and working with a various range of companies, big and small, here we have gathered the biggest...


How to Pick Your Web Designer

In 2016 a great website is a business essential. It’s your shop window in an increasingly digital world and treating it like one of your most important business tools is now the reality. As a result updating, or building a new website, is a big moment for any business and picking your web designer might be the most important aspect of this process. Coming from the other site we thought we’d provide...


Why White Space is Important For Your Website

White space, a website design term, is the bane of web designers and businesses alike. With trenches firmly dug web designers are, generally, pro white space whilst businesses don’t understand the need for it.   The use of white space boils down to the user/customer experience and we will shed some light on the issue within this blog.   What is White Space?   If you’re not working within the web design sector it’s perfectly...

What is Bootstrap?

What is Bootstrap?

You might currently be exploring the idea of getting a new website built for your brand or business and have stumbled across the name “Bootstrap” or seen it referenced before. To avoid any confusion we thought we would explain what exactly Bootstrap is and why people might want a Bootstrap website. Bootstrapping Designs Bootstrap is a front-end framework that was initially developed by the team behind Twitter in New York. It combines HTML,...

Go Groopie

Undoubtedly one of the most advanced web development projects we at The Flex Studio have undertaken to date. The requirement was to develop a Groupon group purchasing  competitor. With Groupon having such a hold over the marketplace this was indeed a tall order.  the result is a  very dynamic shopping portal  which uses numerous advanced visual techniques to ensure that navigation process is as intuitive and engaging as possible. The customer has...


A unique concept for a London company. The idea was to take the concept of gripping and social sharing  and adapt it for weight loss and control.  of the losing and maintaining your preferred weight is a difficult task often one that people find rather lonely. By giving people the power not only to publish their experiences that also share the experiences of others, the process of maintaining a healthy weight not...

Redbay Boats

Redbay Boats have been building high quality boats at their picturesque home in the North East Antrim coast since their foundation in 1977. From their specialised traditional wooden-clinker fishing boats, they have developed into one of the finest manufacturers of fibreglass boats in the U.K. Many of their team are RNLI Crew for the local Redbay Lifeboat station; this is reflected in the experience behind their boats. The wqebsite provides not...

Fullers Brewery

We were asked to produce an initial design concept for a new corporate website for Fullers Brewery. There are a number of web agencies in Belfast but as a web design company in Northern Ireland we didn't expect this opportunity....

Remote Goat

A  network designed to bring talented designers together for the benefit of customers. Customers can submit the design projects to the platform, which distributes each item to varying levels of registered members. As a mobile app developer  near Belfast in Northern Ireland we relish the opportunity of moving forward with their proposed mobile app soon....

Vouched For

The idea for this website came from its founder Adam Price. He knew it was important to find an IFA who had experience advising clients with similar needs and circumstances to his own.Unfortunately, no existing websites or businesses told him how well recommended an IFA was or what really made them an ideal match for him. What he thought was needed was a site where the client could describe in detail...