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Fullers Brewery

We were asked to produce an initial design concept for a new corporate website for Fullers Brewery. There are a number of web agencies in Belfast but as a web design company in Northern Ireland we didn't expect this opportunity....

Remote Goat

A  network designed to bring talented designers together for the benefit of customers. Customers can submit the design projects to the platform, which distributes each item to varying levels of registered members. As a mobile app developer  near Belfast in Northern Ireland we relish the opportunity of moving forward with their proposed mobile app soon....

Vouched For

The idea for this website came from its founder Adam Price. He knew it was important to find an IFA who had experience advising clients with similar needs and circumstances to his own.Unfortunately, no existing websites or businesses told him how well recommended an IFA was or what really made them an ideal match for him. What he thought was needed was a site where the client could describe in detail...

Learn Spanish

The "LEARN SPANISH 4 LIFE SERIES" ebooks are a fun way to learn to speak the Spanish language, fast and easy. Also to learn about the Spanish culture, Spain, Spanish recipes, Spanish history, the Mediterranean diet, Philosophy and much more. We at The Flex Studio provided the customer with a bespoke design which captured the style of Spain and created a unique experience for visitors. The customer has full control over every...

Licorice International

We at The Flex Studio are so pleased to have been asked to develop another website for a customer in the U.S. When confectioner Larry Ring sold his candy and nut business on the upper East Side of Manhattan, he knew exactly what he would do next. He would sell licorice through the mail. The idea for the business came from Larry's customers. He says, "There were people from all over the...

Mustard Monkey

Mustard Monkey is a revolutionary online showcase of retailers and their products. It is aimed at the high end retailers who offer products for the discerning customer. One unique feature of the website is its ability to allow retailers to advertise specific products within a virtual home which is fully animated and interactive. This required an considerable level of animation skills as well as the ability to interact with the animation to display...

Karl Henry

Karl Henry is one Ireland's most recognised and leading personal trainers, and is the name that is synonymous with training in Ireland. Karl kick-started his personal training company by training clients in their homes in 2004. Now renowned as personal trainer to the stars, Karl is responsible for creating some of the most famous physiques in fashion, music, politics and industry. We at The Flex Studio are of course very pleased...

Fermain Valley

The stunning 4 star Fermain Valley Hotel nestled in Guernsey’s prettiest valley, perched above the south coast cliffs is just a short walk up from Fermain Bay. Its rooms offer breathtaking views out to sea and onwards to the surrounding Channel Islands and France. Listed as one of "Britains Finest" it was important that the website clear;y articulated the hotels position with its sector so we at The Flex Studio worked...

Thinq Fitness

This mobile application was the next step for ThinQ Fitness for whom a full fitness video portal had already been developed. We at The Flex Studio developed a bespoke application programming interface to access the data whilst providing encrypted access to ensure mobile device access was limited to members only. The videos are streamed using a third party content distribution network to avoid local resource limitations....