Lough Erne Heritage

Lough Erne Heritage

Lough Erne Heritage was formed in 2015 and is managed by trustees who are all unpaid volunteers with a direct connection with Lough Erne. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the heritage and culture of the Erne. Lough Erne Heritage preserves the skills involved in the building of traditional wooden boats and promotes the use of those boats on Lough Erne.

Following considerable hard work, last year saw Lough Erne Heritage secure funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to begin telling the story of Loch Erne and the local area.

We are shortly completing a particularly functional website which not only will provide a wealth of information for the general public but will also provide the functionality necessary for the group to begin archiving important material. We have integrated a document management system which also provides the ability to store and catalogue audio, video files and any other files that are of benefit and interest. It is such an important exercise to begin collating and protecting the culture and heritage of all areas before it is lost and we are genuinely proud to be a a part of this process.

We are also working with the group to begin formally identifying and recording boats, stone quays, artefacts and built heritage. This will form part of the agreed heritage audit and we hope will lead to an ongoing process of recording the culture and heritage of this wonderful area.

Delivering informative and timely information as visitors travel around the area is becoming ever important and we have provided our Tourist Wise mobile app to begin the process of building a mobile solution to attract, engage and inform visitors to Lough Erne and the surrounding area. The app will initially provide a series of tours around the area but additional functionality will be used to encourage visitors to explore places and businesses beyond the obvious. Helping to curate a visitors journey is such an important element of an enjoyable and fulfilling experience and with Tourist Wise we hope to help the group lead tourists on really enjoyable, educational and immersive journeys.

eSports betting platform

Development of eSports betting platform

With the world of eSports growing at such an amazing rate, betting firm startup Dartfrog asked us to create their eSports betting website.

Having been approached to develop a website based around the esports, we had to get up to speed rather quickly. we will be the first to admit that we are not youngsters and this area is one that we had not had any experience of.

It didn’t take us much research to discover just how big the esports wave had become and the opportunity to provide responsible betting services around this growing trend was an obvious step. Dart frog partnered with Everymatrix to utilise their extensive betting platform knowledge and experience. although relatively new themselves to esports betting they have create a highly functional platform.

Dartfrog web design
Dartfrog web design

Our first job was to create the user interface which had to appeal to a relatively young audience whilst still fitting in with dart frogs created branding. This turned out to be the easy part of the project as Everymatrix platform utilisation presented a considerable learning curve. The key element of any betting platform is the accurate and continued publishing of Cards based upon a broad range of variables. These variables can differ considerably depending upon the sport in question so the system is a complex one.

Virtual View AR app

W5 launch AR portals

W5, Northern Ireland’s Science and Discovery Centre, has chosen our VirtualViewAR portal app as part of their new £1m fully immersive digital attraction that takes the visitor experience to a new level and boost tourism.

They have chosen a series of 360 videos and images to showcase Northern Ireland iconic locations, each of which are viewed by walking through a virtual reality door.
Unlike typical augmented reality apps which are developed using the Unity platform. the VirtualViewAR solution has been developed natively using Apples ARKit and Googles ARCore platforms. The benefit of this approach is that the app can benefit from further functional development over time, ensuring that it can adapt to requirements as they change and evolve.

Virtual View AR 1
Virtual View AR 2
Virtual View AR 3
Virtual View AR 4
Virtual View AR 5

Each portal is triggered by app users scanning special trigger images, each beautifully designed by the marketing team at W5. The moment an image is recognised the related environment can be seen inside the portal right in front of the users eyes.

Walking through into a portal is a real “wow” moment for many as they cannot quite figure out what is happening. Turning around and seeing where they have just come from adds to the bewilderment and creates a very immersive experience. Such has been the response to this solution that we have now created a portal solution with complete content management system. This enables any organisation wishing to utilise augmented reality portals the ability to create and launch their own app in short time and with complete control over its content.

As part of the project we were also asked to create a number of 360 degree CGI videos, providing special portal experiences for summer, halloween and Xmas. We cant let you view them in 360 video as they are only for activation at W5 in Belfast but you can get a feel for the work involved from the images below.

AR portals summer
AR portals halloween