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How to Create an Effective Mailing List

How to Create an Effective Mailing List

An effective Email list can be an incredibly powerful tool for your business.

Think about it, by signing up, customers, or potential customers, have said they’re interested in what you have to say and have given you permission to contact them directly, whenever you want!
You might be wondering how to create an effective mailing list and it should become a key part of any digital marketing strategy moving forward. Here are a few important tactics to grow your list.


Create great content for your customers

This might seem like common sense, but as we know common sense isn’t always so common.
Great content is the absolute number one factor. If you don’t have something interesting to say or can’t bring value to customer inboxes then your plans will start to crumble, quickly.
Value can come in many forms. It could be an exclusive offer, hints and tips within your industry or even just something to make people laugh and brighten their day.


Encourage customers to share or forward your emails to friends and colleagues

Email forwarding has been around forever but now, with the rise of social media, we’ve become even more accustomed to sharing content with our peers.
Try to create email campaigns that encourage sharing. With little extra work your message could be seen by more potential customers and, with the correct call to action, this could lead to further growth.
You could create a customer referral system with a unique code for each campaign. This is just one example of creating a measurable forwarding system.


Run an email signup competition

Email signup competitions are a great way to quickly grow your mailing list but you have to be careful.
The Internet is rife with seasoned “competition junkies”; people who enter an endless amount of competitions with little or no interest in the business actually offering the prize.
To combat this try to find a prize relevant to your business.


Include a clear Call To Action on your blog

A blog can be a fantastic tool for any business. You can use it to discuss industry related topics, developments within your sector and also provide value for potential customers.
An active blog is a great way to drive traffic to your website but without a clear Call to Action all those hits quickly disappear, leaving little or no trace behind.
A Call to Action is simply a message asking your user to do something. In this case we could ask our customer to signup to your business mailing list.


Collect customer emails offline

If you have a physical presence offline and aren’t operating solely online (via an e-commerce website for example) there are plenty of opportunities available to grow your mailing list.
Every customer that walks through your door is a potential new subscriber to your mailing list and there are countless ways in which you could achieve this including offering any in-store signups 10% off their purchase that day.

If you have any other questions on email marketing just let us know!

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