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The Flex Studio  >  Online Marketing   >  How to Write a Great Blog Post For Your Business

How to Write a Great Blog Post For Your Business

We now live in a world with an abundance of information due to the exponential growth of the Internet.

Do a quick Google search around any topic, industry sector or hobby and you’ll quickly see just how much content is already out there. Podcasts, infographics, videos and blogs are everywhere.

This unimaginable amount of information is just one reason why you need to focus on creating the highest quality content possible and writing a great blog post for your business falls into this category.

A market still exists if you’re providing value to the reader and our Flex Studio guidelines will help you to get started.

Clear Purpose

Having a clear purpose from the beginning is vital to creating a great blog post.

Taking the time to sit and think about whom you’re trying to reach, what you’re trying to say and what value your potential customer might or might not take away is key. With these crucial questions answered you will then have the freedom to create something useful.

The Value Proposition

The value proposition is a neat little Segway from our first point and clearly connected to defining the purpose of the blog.

Figuring out what value you’re bringing to your reader is key. Are you trying to make them laugh? Do you want to educate them, inform them of a new development within your industry or challenge what you believe to be their misconceptions?

A great blog must have two prongs, your message and value for the reader/potential customer.

Define the value that you want to bring and then set about delivering on that purpose and proposition.

Great Titles

Once you’ve defined your purpose for writing it’s all about enticing any potential readers with a great title.

We are now surrounded by “clickbait” titles. If you’re unsure what “clickbait” actually means it’s a term given to blog/article titles designed to make us curious enough to actually click. Titles like “This story about a young man will AMAZE you” are common, poor form and should be avoided.

Focus instead on telling the user exactly what they’re going to get if they click on and read your new blog post. Keep it short, simple and make sure every word is doing a job for your business.

A simple way to develop the best blog title is by brainstorming with a blank piece of paper. Try to write 5, 10 or even 20 unique titles for your blog post and the best will eventually reveal itself.

Great Headers

Having succeeded in attracting a new reader you now need to keep them and great headers are almost as important as your blog title. Headers, paragraph headings or “H tags” are an important aspect of any great blog post.

Use these headers to divide content into manageable chunks and inform the reader on what each section is about.

Not only are H tags great for the reader, they’re also an important factor for on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so it’s a win-win for any blogger out there.

Defined Formatting

The growth in popularity of medium.com, the publishing platform focused on promoting high quality content, shows that demand for entertaining and informative blogs is only growing larger.

One of the key aspects of Medium is it’s promotion of long-form content and this poses a question for anyone writing a blog for business. Long-form or short-form?

Define your length beforehand because long-form and short-form audiences vary greatly in what they want and need in a great blog post.


After you’ve identified your purpose, value and written a great blog for business with brilliant formatting it all comes down to distribution.

How are you going to get your great content out there?

We won’t go into too much detail here, distribution deserves a blog of its own at the very least, but social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, industry specific forums and publishing platforms like Medium are all key.

For more information on producing great online content just get in touch and make sure to send us your examples of great blogs for business!

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