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How to Write Great Product Descriptions for E-Commerce Websites

How to Write Great Product Descriptions for E-Commerce Websites

Let’s assume you have a great e-commerce website that ticks all the boxes technically. It’s mobile responsive, super quick and the cart and checkout system both work perfectly.

What’s next? Products and product descriptions.

Product descriptions can make or break your e-commerce site in a crowded marketplace. Without great descriptions enticing a potential customer to buy you’re giving them another reason to leave.

This guide will give you some quick pointers to get started.


Be Positive!

Don’t just assume that once someone is on your website they’re only a step away from buying. You still need to convince them and one of the simplest ways to do this is via positivity.
Sell your customer the value of what they’re buying!

“Why should I buy this cycling machine?”

“This cycling machine is a brand new top of the range model. It’s recommended by top cyclists including Tour de France winners and provides a perfect indoor training base when the outside weather knocks you off your game. It’s also extremely light and mobile.”


Avoid Duplicate Copy

Avoiding duplicate copy is basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) 101.
Even if you’re selling the same products as everyone else don’t just copy and paste what they’ve already said. Even rehashing previously published content can still get you in trouble.

Spend time crafting product descriptions unique to your business and brand. If you have something different to say about your products, say it!


Write for Humans

Despite the constant evolution of search engines and the introduction of machine learning algorithms like Google’s RankBrain there are still people out there trying to game the system.~
This could be potential disaster for your e-commerce business.

When writing your own product descriptions focus on the questions your customer would ask. Keywords and long-tail phrases will naturally flow when you begin to write the perfect answer for your customer.
Write for humans and Google will reward you for providing the best answer to your customer.


Sell the Specs!

Specifications, or features, are a key ingredient when writing the perfect e-commerce product descriptions.

People love to know exactly what they’re getting and providing detailed specs is an easy way to achieve this. The best e-commerce stores generally provide this information in an easy to read table format.

Specs could include size, colour and material for shoes or weight, dimensions and features for a new smart TV.
The more information you can provide the better as each new addition will help a customer make their decision.


Make it Scan-able

This is a key point following on from our focus on providing product “specs”.
Internet users are forever simultaneously becoming quicker readers and more impatient although this can vary depending on the type of product they’re researching.
As a result, you need to create in-depth product descriptions that are also easy to scan and glean. The best way to achieve this is via a mixture of detailed paragraphs, specification tables and feature bullet points.


The Tortuga Effect

If, even after reading through this blog and studying your competitors, you’re still unconvinced about the importance of great product descriptions you need to take a look at Tortuga Backpacks.
This product description in particular, for their Tortuga Travel Backpack, answers every possible question a potential customer might ask when browsing their site.
Read it and you might end up convincing yourself you need a $200 dollar backpack, even without any holidays booked!

Do you have any great examples of e-commerce product descriptions? Let us know.

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