Lough Erne Heritage was formed in 2015 and is managed by trustees who are all unpaid volunteers with a direct connection with Lough Erne. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the heritage and culture of the Erne. Lough Erne Heritage preserves the skills involved in the building of traditional wooden boats and promotes the use of those boats on Lough Erne.

Following considerable hard work, last year saw Lough Erne Heritage secure funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to begin telling the story of Loch Erne and the local area.

We are shortly completing a particularly functional website which not only will provide a wealth of information for the general public but will also provide the functionality necessary for the group to begin archiving important material. We have integrated a document management system which also provides the ability to store and catalogue audio, video files and any other files that are of benefit and interest. It is such an important exercise to begin collating and protecting the culture and heritage of all areas before it is lost and we are genuinely proud to be a a part of this process.

We are also working with the group to begin formally identifying and recording boats, stone quays, artefacts and built heritage. This will form part of the agreed heritage audit and we hope will lead to an ongoing process of recording the culture and heritage of this wonderful area.

Delivering informative and timely information as visitors travel around the area is becoming ever important and we have provided our Tourist Wise mobile app to begin the process of building a mobile solution to attract, engage and inform visitors to Lough Erne and the surrounding area. The app will initially provide a series of tours around the area but additional functionality will be used to encourage visitors to explore places and businesses beyond the obvious. Helping to curate a visitors journey is such an important element of an enjoyable and fulfilling experience and with Tourist Wise we hope to help the group lead tourists on really enjoyable, educational and immersive journeys.