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The Flex Studio  >  Web Development   >  How to Pick Your Web Designer

How to Pick Your Web Designer

In 2016 a great website is a business essential. It’s your shop window in an increasingly digital world and treating it like one of your most important business tools is now the reality.

As a result updating, or building a new website, is a big moment for any business and picking your web designer might be the most important aspect of this process.

Coming from the other site we thought we’d provide some insight to help you on your way…

Pay For Results

It’s no surprise that web design, like almost everything else in life, is a “get what you pay for” industry. That’s why you’ll see tiny businesses use services like Wix or Weebly to get started. You’ll never get the same level of control over your brand but it gets the ball rolling if you have a tiny budget. With more money comes a higher level of control, customisation, skill and style.

Having said all that, there is the risk of being over-priced and over-charged. Be wary, do your research and find a designer or business that fits your budget, not the other way around.

Check Their Portfolio

Budgets will always define your decisions but another major consideration should be the designer’s portfolio, their collection of previous projects and clients. You’ll usually find this on their website under something like “Recent Projects” or “Clients”.

Once you’ve determined that your potential designer will create a modern, mobile responsive, SEO friendly website the next step is to evaluate their style.

Do their previous efforts meet with your vision and expectations for your own business and brand?

Meet Face to Face

In a modern 21st century world where remote work is becoming easier and easier we believe meeting face to face is still important and necessary where possible. Skype meetings and conferences calls should be the minimum requirement.

If your potential web designer isn’t committed enough to spend quality time with you, in person or via Skype, it may be time to re-evaluate your choice.

Brainstorm Together

This is where the fun can begin!

There’s nothing better than combining a web designer’s knowledge of what works online with your knowledge of your business and industry. Get those initial brainstorm sessions going to ensure every base is covered and every stone unturned.

We hope these points help you on your journey towards a new website and even more business, both on and offline.

Luckily we feel like we hit each of these points. We have focused on making sure that The Flex Studio is about great work, fantastic value and dedicated customer service without all the crazy jargon and pretension you might see elsewhere.

If you’re ready to take the next step, let us know.

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