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The Flex Studio  >  Bookings increased by 700%

Bookings increased by 700%

Case Study

With the number of wedding venues continuing to grow, bookings for this clients venue simply were not what they had imagined. Although enquiry levels were reasonable there seemed to be a particularly low level of conversion and it had puzzled the owners for a long time. The mistake they were making was to expect a potential client to purchase without any initial relationship having been established. A wedding is one of the most important events in anyones lives so careful thought will precede any final decision to buy. So it was obvious that generating a relationship from any initial contact would positively impact the likelihood of a sale.

Julians first step was to understand how the business had operated to date and how sales opportunities had been created. With this knowledge he then set about crafting a customer journey that would best lead initial enquiries to conversion. Crucially this journey would need to be both automated as much as possible and with a degree of intelligence. During any journey the path a potential customer takes will vary depending upon their specific requirements and any previous communication. Enabling the client to pre-define the various paths and outcomes and provide tailored automated communication throughout, enables business owners to concentrate on running the business and leaves all but any face-to-face communication to run on autopilot.

Would you like us to help you increase sales – we mean REALLY increase sales?
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