Game of Thrones

With Northern Ireland formerly named as “Game of Thrones Territory, we were asked to develop a website and e-commerce facility showcasing everything GOT. The focus was on creating a brand that truly reflected the local and artisanal nature of Northern Ireland and the crafts people within.

Logo Development

Game of Thrones has a very particular style, one synonymous with history and legend so it was important to ensure a clear connection between the series and our branding. We had to be very careful not to infringe copyright so we chose our final fonts very carefully.

Colours are important in giving a brand a particular perception of place and time so we went with muted earthy colours. These colours also lend themselves well to the artisanal nature of the individuals and the products they so lovingly craft.

Game of Thrones logo

Website Design

The website is designed to showcase Northern Ireland beautiful and iconic location as well as the crafts people that work within it. We chose one of the most popular and well know visitor attractions to front the website, not least because of its notoriety as "The Kings Road" in Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones website
Game of Thrones characters

A collection of characters from Game of Thrones had been created by an extremely talented Russian artist and we will be using these in both promotion and the creation of limited edition prints. This is just small selection of the available characters but are instantly recognisable by those GOT viewers and fans.

The epic series may have come to an end but it leaves a considerable legacy in terms of screen tourism. Our aim is to extend the experience for visitors to Northern Ireland and provide access to a growing band of artisan producers for those unable to visit.

A mobile app is due to be launched in the new year based upon our TouristWise mobile platform. This will enable film tourists eager to explore the filming locations an opportunity to learn more about each location as they journey through the area. The app will deliver location specific content including audio and video and will also include a gamified element to encourage exploration and entertain those of a younger age.

Game of Thrones mobile view