A beautifully designed and highly functional mobile app platform developed JUST for the tourism sector. It is the first ever native tourism mobile application to offer such an extensive feature set and importantly, to be fully self managed. It offers a definitive shift in the value mobile can play in travel and tourism.

Whether a single destination or larger tourist area, the secret to a successful and fulfilling experience is help and guidance on tap. Curating a visitors journey by offering a varied range of options helps to make great use of available time and lead visitors to places they would otherwise not have seen. Whether its food, culture, heritage, walking… in fact anything, experiences can be delivered in the palm of the visitors hand.

The look and feel of TouristWise is customised to match each clients brand and functionality can be activated/deactivated at any time to match the progress and requirements of each individual organisation.

Tourist Wise tourism app

TouristWise has been developed with two fundamental goals. The first is to provide a mobile app that can genuinely deliver the wide range of content and functionality a tourist requires. Secondly it was essential that it could be provided at a price point that did not preclude take-up by smaller organisations. They key to success of any app relies upon effective adoption and ongoing advocacy and we are confident that our solution has achieved both.


If you would like more information regarding TouristWise then we have a website dedicated to it at We welcome your comments and questions.