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The Flex Studio  >  Online Marketing   >  What Does Social Media Mean for Small Businesses in Northern Ireland?
What Does Social Media Mean for Small Businesses in Northern Ireland?

What Does Social Media Mean for Small Businesses in Northern Ireland?

Social media is here to stay but what does that mean for small businesses in Northern Ireland?


Should you pay for Facebook advertising? What is Snapchat and does it serve any purpose for businesses? Should I be using Instagram?


With each new platform, update and evolution in the digital world it’s easy to become overwhelmed but we like to keep things simple and view it all in a positive light.


Opportunity in Social


Small businesses don’t have the opportunities available to massive brands with huge budgets. It’s just a fact of life… or is it?


Social media has, to a certain extent, leveled the playing field in terms of opportunity, reach and exposure. There are 900,000 Facebook users in Northern Ireland alone. Years ago you could only access customers on your street, in your town and the surrounding local area but nowadays there are bigger opportunities.


You can now access anyone and everywhere if you have the right message that resonates with your target customer.


Hashtags, widely used on Twitter and Instagram, are a good example of the new opportunities out there. If you can successfully tweet or post and tie-in with a popular hashtag you are increasing the chances of being seen by hundreds if not thousands of potential customers.


Access to Bigger Markets


Access is everything.


Access to your potential customer is everything as a small business owner and marketer. It’s why premiums are paid to open shops on the most popular high streets and it’s why we now pay to access social media users.


Facebook advertising is currently one of the most effective platforms for any small business out there.


If you have a product specifically designed for engaged women in Northern Ireland you can use Facebook’s advertising platform to target them. You can’t do that when you advertise in a newspaper and the same targeting can be applied to other groups and demographics.


Variety in Content


Variety is the spice of life and the same can be said within the social media world.


Your business might not easily transfer across to certain social platforms like Instagram or blogging on Medium but there are plenty of options to choose from.


Construction is a boring industry to read about, from an outsider’s perspective, but massive construction vehicles and tools can be interesting to watch in action. Why not create a YouTube channel and upload videos of your team at work? Each video could contain a short description of your business, what’s happening in the video and a link back to your website thus promoting your business to a wider audience.


Variety means there are audiences everywhere online and all of them are consuming different types of content via different social media channels. Think about what your customer might want and then set about delivering to them.



This is just an overview of what social media can mean for businesses in Northern Ireland.


Everything can be explored in greater depth but don’t be scared, keep it simple and have fun!


For more information on how to get the best out of digital marketing for your business, say hello!

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