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What is a digital media strategy?

What is a digital media strategy?

If you read one of my previous posts regarding the tremendous importance of video content, it will have become quite obvious that it’s the most effective way of delivering a marketing message.
So it stands to reason that we would use video to answer the question “what is a digital media strategy?”. Here-in lies the problem.

Digital marketing strategies in Northern Ireland have become ever more popular as gobby guys like myself endeavour to spread the word. I have so many people asking me the question and we are in the process of producing a video to provide a really simple overview. However I wanted to provide an answer in the interim so I came across a great video from the iQuantum guys in Melbourne. It’s a down-to-earth look at what a digital marketing strategy is, the majority of which is not rocket science but plain common sense.

I haven’t provided a transcript of this video as we will be providing our own soon.
So take a look at this short video below – well done guys!
If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with¬†the best digital marketing company in Belfast. (that’s us by the way!)

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