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The Flex Studio  >  Web Development   >  Why White Space is Important For Your Website

Why White Space is Important For Your Website

White space, a website design term, is the bane of web designers and businesses alike. With trenches firmly dug web designers are, generally, pro white space whilst businesses don’t understand the need for it.


The use of white space boils down to the user/customer experience and we will shed some light on the issue within this blog.


What is White Space?


If you’re not working within the web design sector it’s perfectly understandable that you haven’t got a clue what “white space”, also know as “whitespace”, actually is.


Put simply, it’s the unmarked or unused space between elements (like images, text and headings) on a web page.


Businesses can get annoyed at the idea of leaving white space on a website, specifically on important pages like the homepage, as they view it as a wasted opportunity but generally this is not the case.


The correct use of white space can simplify a message and ensure that key business messages are being delivered in a much more effective manner.


Why should I Use White Space?


With more and more developments Internet browsing is becoming increasingly easy and faster in equal parts. This increase in speed means it’s extremely easy to now hop from website to website in a matter of seconds.


As a result it’s now key that when a customer lands on your website they can instantly understand who you are, what you do and why they should be interested in seconds. Confusion of any kind will lead to a quick exit and a lost opportunity for your business.


This is where the educated use of white space and the creation of uncluttered websites come in.


There are plenty of arguments for and against using white space but at The Flex Studio we tend to err towards keeping things beautiful and straightforward. That generally includes using white space in a responsible manner. We believe it leads to:


Better Navigation

Users/customers can navigate around your website with ease as everything is clearly identifiable and signposted. This will increase the chances of a customer remaining on your website as well as potentially exploring it further giving you greater opportunities to sell.


Increased Attention

We know that online customers jump around websites in a matter of seconds nowadays. A major reason for this increased activity is the ease and speed in which we can do it but another reason is our shortened attention spans.


Time is our greatest asset and we quickly become annoyed when anything, including slow or confusing websites, takes it away. As a result we will pay more valuable attention towards websites that keep things simple and allow us to analyse the information at hand with ease.


Increased Readability

Think about the best print advertisements you’ve ever seen, they always keep things clear, simple and easy to read. The same type of delivery is crucial online and white space helps with this very issue.


Great website copy can convert a browser to a buyer but users will run away if they’re confronted with a dense wall of text. Make it easy for them.


Noticeable CTAs (Calls to Action)

Calls to Action are essential in all forms of marketing but especially within digital marketing when you don’t have direct access to the customer.


CTAs like “Buy Now”, “Add to Cart” or “Signup Here” are all extremely important but if a customer is confronted with a cluttered, busy website there is a major risk they will miss your call.


Use white space to help focus the customer’s attention on your CTA.


– –


Worried about white space? Need a new website that works for your business? Get in touch. We get rid of the jargon.

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